Christmas Tree Christmas Card Holder

I came across this project a few years ago when Hillary was in college….of course I saved it on one of my Pinterest boards with good intentions of making it for her college apartment, but as we all know, life happens and I never got around to it. Fast forward a few years later to me going through ALL of the Christmas decorations in the garage and pulling them out for this year and what do I find? An ironing board.

This ironing board has made it through two moves and just sits in the garage so I immediately remembered this project and decided to finally carry out my intentions from years ago. It is so easy and so cute! All you need is spray paint, a glue gun, magnetic buttons and any christmas decorations that you want to add to make it a little more whimsy.  Spray the ironing board with a green spray paint of your choosing, it usually takes about 2 coats. Once it dries go back over it with a clear coat to make it have a glossy look.

Once the ironing board is dry you can add your decorations! For mine I used a pom-pom garland from Hobby Lobby, Ceramic light bulbs that I glued to the button magnets and some ribbon for a fun bow at the top! First, string the garland around the ironing board from top to bottom.

After you’re finished with the garland you can add in the lightbulbs. For this project I hot glued the lightbulbs to button magnets on low heat. It doesn’t take long for them to dry but once they do you can stick them on your ironing board tree where ever you would like! The magnet makes it easy to move! For the actual christmas cards I used clothes pins and pinned them to the garland! Add your bow to the top and then you’re done. This makes for a cute, inexpensive way to show off all of the christmas cards you get this year!

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