We are loving this cactus trend for the spring and this cactus rock garden is no exception! We did a facebook live on this last year, but thought we would bring it back to show you all the steps! Whether you have a green thumb or can’t keep a plant alive (like Hillary) this project is perfect for you!

Supply List

River Rocks or any rocks you have around your home (We used LOWES Pebbles Exotic Garden Stones)
DAP Silicone Max Clear
Hot glue gun & Hot glue sticks
Paint of your choice- we used Apple Barrel Lime Tree, Apple Barrel New Shamrock, Apple Barrel Parakeet, Apple Barrel Christmas Green
Paint pens (We used white and black)
Black Sharpie
Paint Brushes
Clay Pots 
Pom Poms
Pea gravel and/or sand

STEP 1 – choose the rocks you want to use…make sure they are clean and dry.

STEP 2 (skip step 2 & 3 if you aren’t making tall cactus)- If you want to make a tall cactus…glue stones together with clear silicone or E6000 glue and let dry over night.

Step 3- Once silicone is dry….apply hot glue around joints to create addition support for your cactus –  let dry.

Step 4 – Paint your rocks …we chose 4 different greens to give our gardens some depth …it may take a few coats…let dry.

Step 5 – Decorate your cactus….we used paint pens and sharpies….let dry.

Step 6- Plant your cactus in the pot of your choice…we used clay pots and pea gravel.

           Step 7- Fill pot about 2 inches from the top and then arrange your cactus in pot and add additional pea gravel or sand to secure them in the pot.

Step 8 – Hot glue pom-poms to the top of a few of your cactus.

Check out our facebook live video below for more!


Making Cactus with river rocks⬇⬇
Join me⬇⬇🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵

Posted by C Whimsy on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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