Yesterday I finally decided to tackle my guest bathroom. I have been wanting to freshen it up for a while but when I found this gray buffalo plaid removable wallpaper I fell in love! Removable wallpaper is awesome because you can take it down whenever you get tired of it, its not a permanent change (and if you ever sell your house, the new buyers won’t hate you). 

My bathroom is split between two rooms with a pocket door that divides it and I really wanted to change up  the vanity area with a pattern! I think doing the whole bathroom in this print would be a little much. The wallpaper I chose is from Target and it is the devine color from Valspar brand.


These are the walls without wallpaper, a solid gray color. 

It is important to apply this wallpaper to surfaces that are painted in satin or semi-gloss finishes to get the best results!

You will need: 

Tape Measure


Utility or Craft Knife

Squeegee for Smoothing

First, I measured the walls to get the height and width to see how much wallpaper I would need. 

Then I measured out my wallpaper to fit the wall. I added about two inches at the bottom so I could cut away the extra paper but make sure it was even with the bottom of the wall. 

I learned it was easier to cut the strips in half (long ways). You can line it up easier that way if you’re doing it by yourself (It does help to have two people).

You start with panel number one and peel back 3 to 4 inches at the top. 

Position the exposed edge at the top to butt it up evenly against the wall. 

Gently guide the paneling down the wall peeling off the backing as you go.

Once you have it stuck all the way down use the squeegee to smooth out air pockets.

It’s easier to start in the middle of the panel and slowly smooth outward.

Follow the same steps for the rest of the panels. 

If you have two people, have one person guide the paper at the top while the other person aligns the panel downward. 

Work slowly and smooth out the air pockets as you go!

Trim the edges at the baseboards when you are done applying!

This is definitely a project you should try if you’re looking to update a room in your house! Lots of upgrades are going on in this bathroom this week so stay tuned for the final reveal later this week!

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