With Fathers Day only a few weeks away I wanted to give you some gift giving ideas and tips on wrapping.  When we are giving gifts to men we have to remember that they are not all into the fluff, but we can still have a CUTE presentation!
I think that Fathers Day gifts that the kids can help create are the most meaningful and treasured gifts we can give.  Personalizing the gift to the stuff they like is always important too. Gift cards are very popular for the man who has everything but not that much fun to open so I’m going to show you 5 different examples of gift cards and lottery tickets that are actually fun to open.

First up is a Netflix gift card or Movie Basket!

This is what I am personally giving my Daddy this year. He loves westerns and action movies so I pay for Netflix for the year for him so he can watch whatever he wants! Since a Netflix card isn’t that exciting, I got a little creative with the presentation because if there is one thing about my dad…he loves to open a present. 

I started with a large pop corn basket that I purchased at the Dollar Tree and I decided to use the newspaper comics as my tissue paper (since my dad loves the sunday comics) and the newspaper is just a fun twist for a man gift!
I then added a soft pair of lounging pants and T shirt because he is one that will stay in his pajamas all day. 
To finish it up I added some microwave popcorn and candy that he loves and I tied it together with simple ribbon and shoestring bow. 

The second idea is the So LUCKY you are our Dad Basket!
This is what our pets are giving my husband for Fathers Day…our fur babies LOVE their dad! You can also do this same concept with your kids and their hand cutouts. 

I started with a plastic bucket, floral foam and glass vase from the dollar tree.
I put the floral foam in the square vase and sat it inside the bucket.
I used the sports section of the newspaper as my tissue paper and I cut out some paw prints out of scrape paper I had around the house and taped them to the end of skewer sticks.

Then I stapled scratch off lottery tickets to all of the paw prints and tied a ribbon around each stick for a little color.
Then I stuck all the paw prints around the bucket (kind of like a bouquet of flowers) and added a large paw print in the middle of the basket that said “We are so LUCKY you are our Dad” and then finished it off with some pet treats and brush.

I think all 3 of them are going to LOVE it!

For the third Idea I did the Tool Box Gift Card Gift!
This would be great for the Dad that loves home improvement projects.

I started with a Toolbox from the Dollar Tree and I also picked up a few tools from there to add to the box!
I used the newspaper again as filler and added the tools around in the box.

Add a gift card of your choice (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. )
Tie a ribbon around the toolbox with a shoe string bow and its ready for Dad!

The Forth idea is a Grilling Basket!
This is a great idea for Fathers Day or anytime you need a fun guy gift.

I started with a galvanized bucket from Walmart
I grabbed a grill brush, grill fork, S’more fixings (marshmallows, graham crackers and hershey bars),
Lighter, Barbecue themed pot holders, mittens, table cloth and napkins!

Using newspaper as filler I added it to the bucket first and then I just layered in all the goodies!
Tie it up with a ribbon and shoestring bow!

Last up is just a Snack Basket!
This is another one that is great for any time you need a guy gift.

I started with a tub from the dollar tree and added the newspaper as tissue filler for the tub!
Then I layered in all of my husbands favorite snacks!

If you want you can add lottery tickets or the gift card of your choice.
Personalizing the food to the person is the way to show your attention to the small details!

I hope this helps with your Fathers Day prep! Check out our video below where I put all the baskets above together!


Fathers Day Gift ideas
Make them with me right here

Posted by C Whimsy on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

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