I am prepping some items for a centerpiece for the Fourth of July and I remembered the DIY Rockets!  I thought they would be a fun, festive and quick project to add to your Holiday Decor. This is a project you can customize completely as well!

Heres what you will need:

Card stock, construction paper, tissue paper
Toilet  paper rolls (optional)
Hot glue and/or white glue
Skewer sticks
Paper straws (optional)
Decorative tape, stickers, glitter etc.

Start with a 4×6 piece of card stock

Cut fringe out of tissue paper (the length of your paper)

Glue tissue paper fringe along the bottom of card stock

Hot glue a skewer stick to side of card stock (about 1 inch up)

Put a strip of double sided tape along other end of card stock

Roll the card stock starting on side with skewer stick (you determine the size)

You can also secure with staple

Decorate tube anyway you would like

To create the rocket cap:

Cut a circle (5 inch diameter-I traced a bowl out of my kitchen for the circle) out of another color

Cut a slit to the center of circle

Create a cone by twisting circle together and attach with double sided tape (decorate cone now if you would like)

Attach cone to top of cone with glue

Add a little white glue to skewer and slide a paper straw over stick and push up to the bottom of rocket (optional)

Our DIY rockets are a quick and easy project that will make a great addition to your Red White & Blue Decor!

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