Recently I have been loving the tassel trend for decorating around my house! This diy tassel garland is great for any holiday or party that you’re having and so easy to make! 

Heres what you will need:
Tissue Paper
Scotch tape or washi tape
String or twine of your choice


Start with one piece of tissue paper

Fold tissue paper lengthwise

Fold in half widthwise

Fold again widthwise

Cut fringe starting at the bottom of the unfolded side

You can choose the width of fringe!

Cut towards the top leaving about a 2 inch band

Unfold once and cut in half

Next cut both halves in half again (you will get 4 tassels from each piece of tissue paper)

Now take one section and roll the uncut center lengthwise gathering as you go

Twist around the end of your finger to create loop

Secure with tape of your choice and string on the string of your choice


Great project to add to any party or event decor!


Tissue Paper Tassel Garlands
Make them with me here⬇⬇

Posted by C Whimsy on Friday, June 29, 2018

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