What you need:
3 small pumpkins all around the same size or gradual sizes
Container of your choice, I used clay pots
Pebbles or sand
Moss or artificial leaves (optional)
Glue Gun

Step 1:
Fill your container with pebbles or sand to make sure it is weighed down. I added my moss and leaves to the top of the pot before I started gluing my pumpkins!

Step 2:
Take the stem off your largest pumpkin and hot glue it to your pot.

Step 3:
Take the stem off of your next pumpkin and hot glue it to the pumpkin below.

Step 4:
Hot glue the last pumpkin to the top, leave the stem on this one.

Step 5:
You can add moss or leaves in between each pumpkin to embellish it a little more.

Watch the video below to see the steps! Happy Crafting!


Dollar Tree Pumpkin Topiary
Make them with me here⬇️⬇️🍁

Posted by C Whimsy on Monday, September 24, 2018

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