When I was walking through the halloween aisles I came up with the cutest idea for a halloween centerpiece! I love incorporating witch legs into all of my halloween decor because it always turns out cute rather than creepy! All of the items I used for this project were found at Walmart and the Dollar Tree!

What you need:

Witch legs
Styrofoam balls
Floral foam
Caldron pot
Spider webbing
Apple barrel paint that matches your webbing
Tubing or ribbon
Wooden skewer sticks
Pipe cleaners
Gravel or sand

Step 1:
Paint styrofoam balls the color of your choice (I did mine the same color as my spider webbing) so they have enough time to dry. Spray paint will eat through the styrofoam so I used apple barrel paint instead.

Step 2:
Put a piece of floral foam in the cauldron or container of your choice. Add gravel or sand to make it heavy. Secure your floral foam with glue or tape.

Step 3:
Stick your legs into the floral foam at the angle and level that you choose.

Step 4:
Put the spider webbing around the witch legs to cover the gravel and floral foam underneath.

Step 5:
Cut skewer sticks in half and stick them into the floral foam where you want the styrofoam balls to be. Position them all around the cauldron to look like bubbles. I used 12 balls total.

Step 6:
After you place your styrofoam balls pull the webbing up around the styrofoam.

Step 7: Optional
Twist your tubing or ribbon into loops. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and use them to secure the loops. You can place these around your skewer sticks and in between the styrofoam bubbles.

This makes a great centerpiece for any halloween party or event to go in the middle of your table! Watch the video below to see the steps! Happy Crafting!


DIY Witch Leg Centerpiece
Make it with me now⬇️⬇️👻🎃

Posted by C Whimsy on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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