What you need:

Toilet paper rolls
Construction paper
Pipe cleaners
Paint pen or sharpie
Hole punch
Wire cutters
Hot Glue Gun

Paint the toilet paper rolls the color of your choice.

While your rolls are drying print off our printable bat wings and cut out your wings!

Bat wing pdf

Once your rolls are dry open the bat wings and glue them to the back of your toilet paper roll towards the top.

Glue your eyes to the front.

Hot glue your ears. I did triangles from the scrap construction paper. Glue these on the inside of the toilet paper roll at the top.

Draw out a mouth with a paint pen or a sharpie. Let it dry.
Punch two holes side by side on the bottom of the back of your toilet paper roll. Insert one pipe cleaner through the holes and make sure they are even. Cut an inch off of the pipe cleaner and use these pieces to make the feet.

Watch our videos below to see the steps!



We can Make THAT⬇️⬇️
DIY Bats

Posted by C Whimsy on Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Part 2
We can MAKE

Posted by C Whimsy on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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