Every year Hillary and I host cousins Christmas at her house so all 4 of the cousins can get together to eat and play games. It used to just be the four of them but it has grown to 8! They all decided to wear ugly Christmas sweaters which made it all a little more festive! 

This year we did it a little different and had a sock exchange. They filled up their socks with $15 worth of goodies and we played the Right Family Christmas game. It tells a Christmas story where you have to pass the item every time right or left is said. When the story is over you get to keep the socks that are in your hands and the presents inside of them! We changed up the names in the story to family members names to make it a little more fun! 

We played games and ate appetizers until it was way past our bedtimes! It was such a great way to get all the 20 somethings into the Christmas spirit! 


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