We love a good vacation and it is always so easy to overpack! We’re leaving on a cruise this weekend and decided to pull together a list of the things that are a MUST on a cruise ship and excursions but will keep you under the 50 pound weight limit at the airport! 



Sunblock: We swear by the Water Babies brand. Hillary has been putting it on since she was little (whether she wanted to or not)and it is a lifesaver! It’s waterproof so you don’t have to reapply as much and they also make a stick that is great for your face if you don’t want to put the lotion on certain areas! 

Waterproof Cell Phone Case: These are great for when you get off the boat and go on excursions! You can use it underwater to get great snorkeling pictures or just have it at the beach to keep it away from the sand and the water! 

Seabands: If you get motion sickness its always great to have seabands when you’re on board and if you have to take a boat on one of your excursions. The boat can sometimes get rocky depending on the weather and its always great to be prepared. No one wants to be sick on vacation!

Hat: We like to visit places that are hot and tropical so we always have hats packed. Floppy hats are a big trend but they’re also great for protecting your face! This pom-pom hat on amazon is the cutest and we’ve both worn it a ton!

Coverup: A coverup is a must on any vacation! They’re so easy to throw on to go to the pull or at the beach! 

Sunglasses: This is a no brainer, you NEED sunglasses on any vacation. I have been wanting these Quay aviators for ever and they’re on sale!  

Packing Cubes: These cubes are great for organization in your suitcase! You can put like things together so when you’re in that tiny room on the cruise ship unpacking is easy!

Hanging Toiletry Bag: The bathrooms on a cruise are tiny! These toiletry bags are easy to hang on your door so it keeps everything organized and easy to find!

CC Cream: I have probably talked about this product before but the IT Cosmetics CC Cream is a lifesaver. I never wear a ton of makeup on vacation but this cc cream is amazing! It has SPF included which is always important but it gives you coverage even when you don’t want a full face of makeup and it’s super light! It’s a little pricey but it lasts forever and it’s so worth it!


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