Moss Covered Eggs and Bunny DIY

We did a tutorial on the big bunny topiaries using bowls from the dollar tree but I know some were looking for a smaller version for their table or mantle! I found these smaller bunny forms at the Dollar Tree that make for an even easier diy for a small bunny topiary! Watch our video at the bottom of this post to make it with us!


What you need:

Bunny Form
Hot Glue Gun
Clay pot

Plastic Eggs
Ribbon of your choice

Step 1: Use the plastic bunny form and glue it together to make sure it stays. 

Step 2: I dry brushed a clay pot with white paint, added rocks to make it heavy and then hot glued the bunny form to the clay pot. Let it set and dry completely. 

Step 3: Cover your bunny with moss. I started from the bottom and added hot glue and worked my way up until the whole bunny was completely covered. (I also have the bunny laying down because it was easier to add glue and pat & cover with moss that way)

Step 4: Add ribbon of your choice to tie around the neck

I also decided to do this on some plastic eggs to go along with my spring decor! 

The steps are the same. Cover with hot glue and pat on the moss until the eggs are completely covered! I used the big plastic eggs from the dollar tree! 

DIY Spring Decor
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Posted by C Whimsy on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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