Cinco de Mayo Mini Sombrero DIY

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me the excuse to eat all of the Mexican food that I want with EXTRA chips and salsa! By now you all know I love a good reason to decorate so I of course decorated for Cinco de Mayo this weekend. I created a fun tassel banner, you can find that blog post here, and I added a few DIY sombrero hats to the banner and also sat them on top of a few candle sticks in my coffee bar area! Check out this fun DIY and all the steps on how to make your own below!

What you need:

Party hats
Small Paper Plates
Pom Poms
Glue Gun
Tissue Paper

Turn your paper plate upside down. 

Fold your tissue paper and cut slits a few inches apart. Leave about two inches at the top.

Glue your tissue paper sections to the bottom of the plate

Glue a paper plate to the bottom on top of the tissue paper

Add some more tissue paper to the top of that plate and then glue down your party hat. 

Add pom poms (as many as you want) around the hat. 

After your sombrero is dry it is ready to display!

Watch the video below to make it with me!

DIY Decorating

Posted by C Whimsy on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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