Back in the spring I made carrot and bunny cut outs for my yard and they were a huge hit! I knew I needed something for summer and I came up with the idea for fireworks! These look so cute coming out of your flower beds or flower pots and I am loving how they turned out! Here are the steps and everything you need to make your own!


Supplies needed:

Spray paint and acrylic paint (colors used- Rust-oleum Apple Red, Deep Blue and Yellow)
Apple Barrel Acrylic (Cobalt Hue, Red, White, Black & Orange)
Clear Coat spray paint
Paint Brushes
Black Paint pen

1. Print out Firework Template.  Tape together and cut out pattern.
2. Lay out template on plywood and trace on plywood and trace out with marker or pencil.
3. Cut out fireworks with jigsaw.
4. Paint front and back of firework with white paint
5. Once paint is dry start painting your fireworks. I spray painted my fireworks bases red and blue and the tops all yellow.
6. Once base coats are dry, start painting the details. I did stripes and polka dots.
7. Be sure to let each color dry before adding each detail. Once you have your fireworks like you want them spray with a clear coat to help them hold up longer outside.
8. You can lean them on something or add a wooden anchor to the back to secure in the ground or a flower pot.

Here are photos of all the steps and a video to see how I decorated my Fireworks!

DIY outdoor 💥 Fireworks Decor🇺🇸
Make them with me⬇️ Our video cut off at the end due to internet issues…but we will post a supply list , patterns and all the steps in a blog post tomorrow 🇺🇸🇺🇸⬇️

Posted by C Whimsy on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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