Let me start by saying….I’m not the biggest fan of gnomes. My decor style is a little more whimsical but I know a lot of people love these and when I kept seeing them on Pinterest for Christmas decor I thought I would try to learn how to make them! These would be cute on a table or on your mantle for Christmas!

Items you need:

Socks (black, grey or white)
Rubber band or hair tie
Wooden Ball
Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun

Take your sock and put it over a tall cup or cylinder. Hold the edges. Pour the rice into the sock.
Once the rice is in the sock take your sock out of the cup and tie a rubber band around the top of the sock.
I put some hot glue at the top too to keep the rice in.
Make your hat. I used felt. Take the short side and fold it to the long side to make a cone and hot glue it to make a hat.
Lay the hat flat with the seam at the back and cut across to make a straight edge for your hat. I hot glued ribbon around the bottom edge of the hat.
Sit the hat on the gnome and decide your placement and glue the wooden nose to the sock.
Once it is dry take longer pieces of yarn, cut a piece, tie a knot in the middle and glue it right above the nose. Repeat this process to make the beard as full as you would like.
Once you have all the yarn that you want glue the hat down right at the edge of the nose.
I made a pompom and tied it to the top of the hat to embellish it a little more.

Watch the video below to see the steps and make them with me!

Day 3 Christmas Crafting in July🎄
Let make s gnomes 🎄⬇️⬇️⬇️

Posted by C Whimsy on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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