These whimsical elf legs are so fun for Christmas! I’m thinking these would look cute beside a tree, near your mantle or on your front porch!

What you need:

2×8 wood for elf boots
2×4 for top (holds legs together)
PVC or dowel rods (size of your choice) I used 3/4 PVC

Red Paint for the elf boots
Spray paint or craft paint ( I used green for the legs)
Electrical Tape ( I used red)
Drill with hole drill bit

Print out the templates and cut them out.
I used a 2X8 piece of wood and outlined the boot template on my wood. Turn the boot on its side and measure to the middle of each boot and mark it. This is where you are going to drill the holes for the PVC pipes!
Drill your boot holes. After we drilled the first one and got it how I wanted it. I used a ruler to see how many inches we drilled down.
For the second boot we drilled a little at a time until we got to the same measurement as the first boot! This makes it so your legs will be the same height and level!
I used a 10 inch 2×4 for the table on top of the legs I drilled holes an even distance away from each other!

I decided to make my legs 18 inches long and I cut the PVC pipe with a handsaw.
I spray painted the legs on dow rods so the coats were even.
Once they are dry, you can decorate in any way that you would like. I used red electrical tape to create red stripes.
Paint your boots. I spray painted mine red.
I used felt and pom-poms to embellish my legs and make a skirt! Trace the template for the skirt onto your felt (make it as long as you need it to be), cut it out and add pom-poms to embellish! Hot glue your skirt around the table top that will go on top of the legs!
Assemble all of the parts together! I chose not to hot glue anything in place since I will probably take it apart for storage!

Watch the video at the bottom to see the steps!

Christmas Elf DIY now⬇️⬇️🎄🎄

Posted by C Whimsy on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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