What you need:

Large paint sticks
Plywood or foamboard
Rustoleum Key Lime
Rustoleum Apple Red
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Paint brush
Elf Boot Template

Cut out your boot and spray paint it whatever color you choose. I chose green.
Spray paint your large paint sticks. I spray painted mine red.
Once they are dry you can embellish as you choose. I chose to do white stripes on the legs.
While the legs dry you can embellish the boots! I used a paint brush to embellish with black, white and kelly green!
Once the boots and legs are dry, turn them over and hot glue them together! You can embellish with ribbons as you choose!

Display them like you want! I added them to the pots by my front porch! To see the steps, watch our video at the bottom of the page! 

Day 6 Elf Leg DIY⬇️⬇️⬇️🎄

Posted by C Whimsy on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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