Supplies needed:
Floor pops (10 in each box) I used 4 boxes
Straight edge
Box cutter

I have disliked the generic tile in my guest bathroom since we bought this house in 2014.  Here we are in 2020 and retiling the bathroom is not in the budget so, my  DIY Makeover begins.  I put up some cute peel and stick wallpaper on an accent wall and then painted the rest of the walls with a new lighter color .  I used Sherman Williams White Eilder.

Then on to the floors, I first saw the Floor Pops at Hobby Lobby and once I did some research I decided this was what I was going to try. I picked up a couple of boxes at Hobby Lobby but needed more . So amazon to the rescue.  They have tons of patterns, so pick your pattern and let’s get [email protected]

First is to clean…clean ….clean!  The instructions tell you exactly what to do  to prep the surface you are working with.  Once to have a clean, flat and dry surface you are ready to place the tiles.

I started by laying out my pattern to see where i could use the most whole tiles, less trimming is always good!  Floor pops give you very detailed instructions and I followed them exactly!  Just take your time and look at the pattern where it will come together to make sure they complete each other. You can rotate the tile until the pattern lines up.  Measure and trim your way through your room. These are very easy to cut and trim and I think anyone can do this DIY project. I did add caulk around the edges to help with the water seal with this being a bathroom.  I love how it turned out!

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