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Spring Sign DIY

What you need: Piece of wood (Walmart or Michaels) Graphite paper Marker Painters tape Printable Small Carrots or Amazon Carrots Glue Gun Hot glue sticks Paint your piece of wood the color that you want it and let it dry. Decide on the placement of your words and tape it with the painters tape at

Bunny Centerpiece DIY

What you need: Two bunny garlands Small clay pots Moss Floral Foam Wooden sticks Gorilla Glue Glue Gun Poly Fil Take 2 of each color and cut the tail off of one of each color. Lay them on top of each other and match them up, glue the ears and around the top of the

Fabric Bunny DIY

What you need: Fabric Poly Fill Pipe Cleaners Hot Glue Small Rubber Bands Scissors Wire Cutters Hot Glue Gun Hot Glue Finger Protectors Iron your fabric and press the right sides together. Decide how tall and wide you want your bunnies to be. Glue the seams all the way down both sides. Once dry, fold

DIY Sugar Cookie Set

What you need: Store bought sugar cookies Sprinkles White frosting Mini Cups with lids Snack Cups with lids Clear Cellophane Bags Scrap ribbons Scoop icing into the snack cups. Fill the mini cups with sprinkles Sit your icing cup in the bottom of the cellphone bag and put your sugar cookies on top. Put your

Elf Leg DIY

What you need: Large paint sticks Plywood or foamboard Rustoleum Key Lime Rustoleum Apple Red Hot glue gun Glue sticks Paint brush Elf Boot Template Cut out your boot and spray paint it whatever color you choose. I chose green. Spray paint your large paint sticks. I spray painted mine red. Once they are dry

Christmas Present Topiaries

These present topiaries are super cute for the holidays. You could use them inside or outside but if your using them in an area that’s not covered, use plastic table cloths instead of wrapping paper!  What you need: 3 Boxes Stick or dow rod. Wrapping paper Tape or glue gun Ribbons Wrap your boxes in

Christmas Elf Legs DIY

These whimsical elf legs are so fun for Christmas! I’m thinking these would look cute beside a tree, near your mantle or on your front porch! What you need: 2×8 wood for elf boots 2×4 for top (holds legs together) PVC or dowel rods (size of your choice) I used 3/4 PVC Red Paint for

Halloween Balloon Eyeballs

What you need: Balloons Air Pump Double Sided Tape or glue dots Black Paint Round Sponge Black Foam Board Blow up all of your balloons and make sure they are different sizes. Tape the foam board to the fireplace and start adding the balloons.  Fill around the edges and then fill from the bottom up

DIY Spooky Halloween Banner

I always like to decorate my mantle for whatever Holiday is coming up and Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays to decorate for. As you probably know by now, I like to keep everything cute, not creepy! I decided to make a banner for the mantle and kept the colors bright and whimsy! Here

Indoor Halloween Decor

We also changed out Dawn’s decor in her living room with some fun Halloween decorations! I love how it turned out! It’s simple but so cute!   Here are some before and afters and the product links to what we used! We re used a lot of things that she already had but for Halloween

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