Avocado Salad Recipe


This is a super simple salad that my niece and I came up with a few years ago! Our family didn’t think they liked avocado…. but they do now!

Here’s what you will need:

6 avocados
1 can of whole corn (drained)
2 tomatoes
3 limes
1 package of guacamole mix

Chop avocado and tomatoes into bite size pieces
Add avocado, tomatoes, corn and guacamole mix in a mixing bowl
Squeeze lime over mixture and toss lightly.

This is a great recipe for a crowd , but you can also adjust the amount to fit the number of people you are serving as I did in the vide0! It is at the bottom if you didn’t catch it on Facebook today!

Make it right before serving for best results…ENJOY!


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Posted by C Whimsy on Friday, May 4, 2018


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