Carolina Punch Recipe


I think this punch recipe has been around forever, its and oldie but a goodie! I honestly don’t remember who we got the recipe from so I’m just going to say I did not come up with it BUT we made it in the 80’s for one of my sisters wedding showers and it was a hit and it’s the only punch we’ve ever made!

It’s great for parties, showers and receptions but its also become something we make around the holidays because it’s green and looks really festive!

Heres the recipe:

2 cans of pineapple juice
1 cup of sugar
1 can of frozen lemonade
1 box of the Hawaiian punch green berry rush (usually a package of 8)
6 cups of HOT water to dissolve the sugar

Mix all of the ingredients together and freeze! You can add ginger-ale when you are serving to make the punch last a little longer….it will go fast!


We added sprinkles to the top of our glasses and added a small ornament to make it a little more festive! Just be warned…you will forever be in charge of punch once your friends taste this one! 


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