Deconstructed Book DIY


I’ve seen this project on Pinterest a lot lately and I have a lot of paperback books that sit on the shelves that we have all already read, so I decided I wanted to try it! Here is everything you need and the steps on how to do this deconstructed book DIY! 

Magic Marker
Stamp Pad
Wooden beads
Scrap Greenery

Step 1: Tear the covers off of the books. I chose to use three books. (these are paperback books that have been passed around our family and were just sitting on the shelves) You could always get books from flea markets or at the Dollar Tree if you don’t have any that you don’t mind tearing the covers off of.
Step 2:Decide what you want to put on your books. I used a stamp and spelled out this is us. If you don’t have stamps you can always hand letter it with a marker.
Step 3: After they are dry you can stack them and tie them together. I wrapped them with twine a few times.
Step 4: I created a tassel with wooden beads to embellish it a little more. To create a tassel take 10 pieces of twine that are 8-10 inches long and tie a long piece of twine around the middle of the pieces of twine. Fold it in half and tie another piece of twine around the top to create your tassel. You can add a few wooden beads and greenery if you would like!

Watch the video at the bottom to see the steps!

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