DIY Carrots


I’ve already starting decorating for the new season because I am so over Winter! One of my favorite things to do is use carrots for spring and usually I can find them at the Target Dollar Spot or at Walmart but if your stores are already picked over here is a simple DIY to make your own!

What you need:

Felt (Orange and Green)
Hot Glue
Orange thread

Here are two templates for you to print and cut out. They will help with the carrot and the tops if you need something to go by:

Carrot Template

Carrot Top Template

1: Print and cut out the carrot template above. Trace it onto a piece of orange felt and cut it out.
2: Once your felt carrot is cut out fold it in half and glue down the side (from the point of the carrot to the top). Once the glue is set turn it right side out to form your carrot. You might have to use your scissors to push out the point of your carrot.
3: Add pillow filler to your carrot and use scissors to stuff it down into the point.
4: Add more pillow filler to shape the carrot.
5: Trace and cut out the leaves of your choice out of the green felt.
6: Glue the leaves together with hot glue
7: Put glue in the middle at the top of the pillow filler and press the leaves there and hold until it is set.
8: At this point you can add additional glue and press the orange felt around the leaves. Don’t burn your fingers!
9: Take a piece of orange thread, yarn or twine and wrap around the top to circle your leaf cluster, double knot to secure.
10: Cut away any extra orange felt around the leaves that you would like.

Watch the video at the bottom to see the steps!

DIY carrots🥕 No sew carrots🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕Make them with us live!

Posted by C Whimsy on Wednesday, February 27, 2019