Dollar Tree Skeleton Bubble Bath DIY


When it comes to Halloween we like to keep it cute, not creepy! I saw this skeleton project on Pinterest and decided to try it with my own little spin! This skeleton in a bubble bath DIY would be so cute to add to your Halloween decorations or for a Halloween party! This is a more budget friendly version. Most of the items that I used were from the Dollar Tree!

What you need:

Cauldron or container
Clear plastic ornaments
Styrofoam balls
Cotton Balls
Poly Fil

Decide on your container. 
Add polyfil into the cauldron and sit your skeleton inside.
Embellish around the skeleton with the clear ornaments, eyeballs, cotton balls and styrofoam balls. 
Embellish with ribbons and spiders!

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Posted by C Whimsy on Thursday, August 29, 2019