Friday Faves


We’re gearing up for back to school here at CWhimsy which means NEW door hangers but it also has me really missing my college days. Even though I’m 26 it feels like yesterday that I was a little freshman getting ready to move into my dorm room and buying new stuff to decorate! During my frequent walks through Target I’ve seen all of the college stuff going out and I’m so jealous of all the fun decor and storage ideas  so I thought what better idea for a Friday Faves. If I can’t have it, at least I can share it with you! 

First up, a towel wrap. These will literally save your life if you live in a dorm. The only thing that’s not that fun about sharing a floor with 50 of your closest friends is that you also have to share a bathroom with them! You can throw this towel wrap on after your shower (don’t forget your shower shoes either) and walk back to your room without having to get completely dressed in that tiny shower stall! Target has the cutest ones this season and I’m thinking about buying this cactus one just to walk around my house. 

Towel Wrap

Next is more about some fun decor! One of the best things I ever did was put a Keurig in my room (not sure if I was breaking the rules or not) but when you first wake up the last thing you want to do is walk to go get coffee. Target has caught on to this dorm room hack and come up with some cute decor for your coffee bar! Light up signs are so in right now and I am LOVING this one, I want one for myself. 

Coffee Sign

Last up is a little trick my friends and I learned to get some more storage in those tiny rooms. Bed risers lift your bed so you can get more things underneath! If you have a lot of clothes like me you need all the storage you can get! I lifted my bed so my dresser could go underneath and also left room for things I needed but didn’t use all the time. When you’re living in a tiny little box with another person, you are thankful for all the space you can get! They also make ones with usb chargers now which is awesome because dorm rooms also don’t come with that many outlets so this is a great way to charge your phone at night! 

USB Bed Risers



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