Kitchen Towel Pillow Covers


I LOVE having bigger pillows on my couches but sometimes they aren’t as cute as the decorative throw pillows are. When I saw these buffalo check dish towels at Hobby Lobby I thought they would make a cute pillow cover for fall and they are big enough to cover a bigger pillow! Here are the steps to make your own! 


What you need:

Glue gun
2 Dish Towels (Hobby Lobby)

What to do:

Press your hand towel right sides out and line them up!
Fold the edge back and measure out your velcro strip. I stayed within the sewing seams so you wouldn’t see the velcro. Add the other piece of velcro on top to secure.
On the opposite end I used fabric hot glue and glued the end together. Then I glued both sides.
After the glue dries you can add your pillow. I used a queen size pillow! But you can make this project whatever size you need depending on what pillow you use!

Watch the video at the bottom to see the steps!


Lets turn Dish Towels into pillow covers⬇️⬇️

Posted by C Whimsy on Thursday, September 5, 2019


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