Mini Taco Cookies


With Cinco De Mayo coming up this weekend I thought I would share a fun cookie recipe that is kid friendly but also super cute for any fiesta! As Mom’s, we always say don’t play with your food, but I think we could make an exception for these Mini Taco Cookies. Heres what you will need:

12 golden Oreo cookies (or any blonde sandwich cookie)
1/2 cup chocolate frosting
1/2 cup white frosting
Hot Tamale Candy
Yellow and/or orange laffy taffy and/or starburst
Green apple chewy twists
Crumbled brownie or regular Oreos


Here’s what to do:

Open sandwich cookie and scrape away the white filling

Cut or break cookie in half

Cut green chewy twist to represent lettuce

Cut Hot Tamales for tomatoes

Cut Laffy Taffy or Starburst for cheese

Put white frosting in ziploc bag and cut small hole in corner


Add a small amount of chocolate frosting at bottom of broken cookie

Place other side of broken cookie on chocolate icing to form taco shell

Add cookie crumble/brownie to chocolate frosting to represent the ground beef

Pipe white icing on taco to represent sour cream

Now pile on the toppings

Place lettuce, cheese and tomatoes on taco, you can add small amount of white icing to glue your topping if needed.

Place on platter or serving tray and enjoy!


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Posted by C Whimsy on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


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