Pumpkin Topiary DIY


We have been making topiaries for years but I figured I would show you one with a little Fall inspiration! You can paint pumpkins to match any decor style and decorate with them pretty much anywhere!

What you need:

3 Pumpkins (small, medium and large)
Paint of your choice. I used rustoleum.
Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun

Paint the bottom pumpkin. I cut around the stem with a serrated knife to remove the stem.
Paint the middle pumpkin and position it where it will sit straight. Glue it in place. Remove the stem.
Place your top pumpkin on top and position and glue where you would like it to sit. I left the stem on top of this one!
I added eucalyptus and boxwood pieces to cover up some of the mechanics of the glue.

I sat mine on top of a cake stand in my guest bathroom!

Watch the video to see the steps!

Pumpkin Topiary Make one with me now⬇️⬇️

Posted by C Whimsy on Monday, September 9, 2019


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