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Moss Covered Eggs and Bunny DIY

We did a tutorial on the big bunny topiaries using bowls from the dollar tree but I know some were looking for a smaller version for their table or mantle! I found these smaller bunny forms at the Dollar Tree that make for an even easier diy for a small bunny topiary! Watch our video

Toilet Paper Roll Bats

What you need: Toilet paper rolls Construction paper Pipe cleaners Eyes Paint Paint pen or sharpie Scissors Hole punch Wire cutters Hot Glue Gun Paint the toilet paper rolls the color of your choice. While your rolls are drying print off our printable bat wings and cut out your wings! Bat wing pdf Once your

DIY Fabric Pumpkins

What you need: Dollar Tree foam pumpkins Fabric of your choice (15 inches x 16inches for each pumpkin. A yard covers 6 pumpkins) Twigs or sticks from the yard Artificial leaves Hot glue Step 1: Cut your fabric 15 inches by 16 inches to cover the pumpkin.  Step 2: Cut the green top off of

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