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Spring Sign DIY

What you need: Piece of wood (Walmart or Michaels) Graphite paper Marker Painters tape Printable Small Carrots or Amazon Carrots Glue Gun Hot glue sticks Paint your piece of wood the color that you want it and let it dry. Decide on the placement of your words and tape it with the painters tape at

DIY Paper Bag Pumpkin Stems

Adding stems to my pumpkins was definitely and unexpected project that I happened upon on Pinterest but I decided to try it and fell in love with how the stems turned out. I have a lot of decorative pumpkins that i have accumulated over the years and they’re all different sizes! I made the stems

Dollar Tree Painted Pumpkins

Sometimes bright orange pumpkins don’t always go with your fall decor… in my case I like to decorate with navy for the fall and mix in a few other colors! I picked up the foam pumpkins from the dollar tree that are the perfect size for decorating and decided to paint them! Here are the

Christmas Embroidery Hoop DIY

What you need: Embroidery hoop Fabric of your choice Hot glue Glue gun Ribbon Any kind of embellishments Press out your fabric so its flat. Lay the inner hoop under your fabric and center it. Slide the top hoop on top of it to from the fabric. Tighten the top so it won’t slip out.

Wooden Ornament DIY

What you need: Pack of wooden ornaments (Hobby Lobby) Pack of holly garland  Paint Napkins of your choice Mod Podge Glue Gun Ribbon Paint a base coat on the ornament. The napkins are thin so whatever color the base is will show through. Once dry, trace the ornament on the napkin and cut out the

Life Size Ornament DIY

I always go all out with my Christmas decorations. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a little extra with everything I do. I have been wanting to make these life size ornaments for YEARS and I finally got around to doing it. I love how they turned out and can’t wait to

DIY Christmas Gnomes

Let me start by saying….I’m not the biggest fan of gnomes. My decor style is a little more whimsical but I know a lot of people love these and when I kept seeing them on Pinterest for Christmas decor I thought I would try to learn how to make them! These would be cute on

Reverse Canvas Ribbon Trees

Happy Christmas in July! We’re doing fun Christmas projects for the rest of July and when I found this reverse canvas project I knew I had to try it! I used fun black, red and green ribbon pieces to make my trees more whimsical to go with my decor but the great thing about this

Yarn Tree DIY

Happy Christmas in July! We’re doing fun Christmas projects for the rest of July and these yarn trees are one of my favorite projects! These trees are easy to make and add a fun whimsical touch to my Christmas decor! I know its only July but all of the decor stores have already started putting

Cinco de Mayo Mini Sombrero DIY

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me the excuse to eat all of the Mexican food that I want with EXTRA chips and salsa! By now you all know I love a good reason to decorate so I of course decorated for Cinco de Mayo this weekend. I created

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