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DIY Fabric Pumpkins

What you need: Dollar Tree foam pumpkins Fabric of your choice (15 inches x 16inches for each pumpkin. A yard covers 6 pumpkins) Twigs or sticks from the yard Artificial leaves Hot glue Step 1: Cut your fabric 15 inches by 16 inches to cover the pumpkin.  Step 2: Cut the green top off of

Bring Spring In!

As most of you probably know by now, I am giving my house a little bit of a spring makeover! Most of what I have shown you so far is on the outside but today I’m sharing a few of the changes I’ve made on the inside! These are all small changes from accessories to

Egg Topiary Live Facebook Video

We have the blog post up of all the step by step instructions but here is the replay of our facebook live if you want to follow along!   Egg Topiary 🐰🐰Make one with me⬇⬇ Posted by C Whimsy on Friday, March 23, 2018

Goal Post DIY

Supply List PVC pipe any size (I used 1 inch) 2 PVC elbo joints 2 PVC  T’s Hand saw Yellow paint Decide the height you would like your goal post and cut PVC ( I did 3 feet) Decide the width  and height of the arms of your goal post ( I did 15 inches)

Football Yard Line Boards DIY

Supply List Scrap boards (any size) Green paint (I used Apple Barrel Shamrock) Paintbrush White paint pen Pencil Yard stick or straight edge Pick your boards Paint boards green (I paint both sides)…let dry completely Draw with pencil a straight line 1-2 inches from the bottom side of your board ( this depends on the

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