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Simple Spring Wreath Makeover

When you have double doors you have to be creative to keep the cost down for outdoor decor! One of my most asked questions is what to do with double doors! There are no set rules…you can put the same thing on both doors or you can mix and match!  I seem to mix and

Dollar Tree Bunny Makeovers

When I saw these bunnies at the dollar tree I thought they were kind of cute for easter but they needed to be taken up a notch. I started to play around with some yarn and I loved how they turned out! All you need for this project is: Dollar tree bunny form. I used

DIY Succulent Wreath

For this wreath everything on it was purchased at the Dollar Tree! They are offering $1 shipping this week and you can also order by the unit instead of the case now on some items if you don’t want to buy in bulk. This is such a cute wreath for spring with the added clay

Boho Target Wreath DIY

Boho style is really making a comeback in home decor! This simple $5 target wreath is the perfect way to add a little spring boho to your home. What you need: Wreath Yarn Scissors Step 1: Measure out bundles of yarn (about 5 pieces each) at about an arms length. Step 2: Cut both ends

Burlap Spring Wreath

Supply List: Burlap Wreath  Ribbon  Carrots Easter Grass  Twine Scissors Pipe Cleaners Tie bow and attach with a pipe cleaner to the bottom of your wreath.  Tie 3 carrots together in a small bundle with twine. Make the twine long enough to wrap around the wreath and tie in a knot.  Decide on your placement

Boxwood Spring Makeover Wreath

Supply List: Boxwood Wreath Ribbon  Scissors Carrots  Tie ribbon around top of wreath to create hanger. My ribbon was 36 inches long, you can adjust to your space.  Place carrots around wreath where you want them to go. Stick with odd numbers and place in different directions to create depth. Once your carrots are place,

Plastic Tablecloth Egg Wreath

Supply List:  Ribbon  Plastic Eggs Pipe Cleaners Scissors You can find our table cloth wreath tutorial here! Here are the steps for giving your wreath a makeover for a new holiday! Tie a bow from the ribbon of your choice!  Cut pipe cleaners in half.  Use pipe cleaners that match your tablecloth colors so they

Easter Egg Wreath

Supply List: 15′ inch wire wreath form Easter Grass Fishing Line (I use 6lb, you want a light weight similar to thread) Scissors Plastic eggs Ribbon Pipe cleaners Watch the video at the bottom to see the steps!   Start by tying your fishing line to the wreath form. Lay handfuls of easter grass on

Easter Grass Bunny Wreath DIY

Products Needed:  Easter Grass 12″ Inch Wreath Form Floral Pins Bunny Ears Yarn Pom-Pom Maker Scissors Pipe Cleaner Stretch your bunny ears out across the top of the wreath form. Once your ears are spread like you want them. Use your yarn to tie them to the wreath form. Use your scissors to cut away

PomPom Heart Wreath

  Step 1:  Wrap one side with yarn to your desired thickness ( I like to wrap it heavy because I want the pom pom to be really full and thick). Step 2: Cross over and wrap the other side. Be sure to make both sides as even as possible. Step 3:  Cut yarn along

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