Crockpot Easter Candy

I love quick and festive treats and I especially love any recipe that lets me use my crockpot. This simple 4-ingredient recipe is creamy, crunchy and it looks so cute!
What you need:
Almond bark (or some sort of white candy coating)
Step 1: Pour your peanuts into your crockpot 
Step 2: Break apart the almond bark squares and add them to your crockpot. 
Step 3: Cook on low and stir occasionally until all of the almond bark is melted. (This step should usually take an hour or two) 
Step 4: Fold in your M&M’s or candy of your choice. 
Step 5: Spoon out your peanut and candy clusters on to parchment paper. Then add your sprinkles.
Step 6: Let the clusters dry and cool. After they are cool, they are ready to enjoy! 
Watch our video at the bottom to see the steps and make it with us! 

Easter crockpot candy

Posted by C Whimsy on Saturday, April 13, 2019