Easter Egg Topiary


Supply List:

3 Nested eggs $8.98 Walmart
Green easter grass
Wood dowel rod (Any size…I used a half inch rod)
Ribbon of your choice
Container of your choice
Rocks or sand(to weight container
Styrofoam or floral foam
Floral wire and/or pipe cleaners

Tools needed:
Wire cutters

Place dowel rod in your container and secure with a few rocks or sand (just enough to hold it in place)

Decide on placement and angle of your eggs and drill holes (I drilled one hole and the put egg on dowel and decided on angle marked that spot with a sharpie and then drilled second hole)

Repeat process on the other 2 eggs
At this point decide on the height you need your dowel rod to be and cut to that height (I used hedge clippers to cut my dowel rod)
Place dowel rod back in center of pot and add additional rocks/sand to a little over half of your container

Cut and place styrofoam/floral foam around top of pot and make it snug to add extra security for dowel rod
Cover styrofoam/floral foam with easter grass

Take scissors and push easter grass into the edges of pot
Cut any extra easter grass hanging over pot

Place eggs back on dowel rod and decide your placement
Wrap some easter grass around dowel rods between each egg to help cover up rod

Make cross bows(my ribbons were 7 inches) and secure with pipe cleaner

Add cross bows and extra grass to dowel rod between each egg (I added bows to both sides)

Make loops or half bows and place in styrofoam around the base of pot (I used floral wire because it is easier to stick in styrofoam)

Fluff and enjoy your Topiary!