Burlap Spring Wreath


Supply List:

Burlap Wreath 



Easter Grass 



Pipe Cleaners

Tie bow and attach with a pipe cleaner to the bottom of your wreath. 

Tie 3 carrots together in a small bundle with twine. Make the twine long enough to wrap around the wreath and tie in a knot. 

Decide on your placement of the carrots and tie securely to your wreath with the twine.

Use your ribbon to tie around wreath and carrots to cover up the twine.

Take another piece of ribbon and make two loops for a shoe string bow.

Place over the ribbon around your carrots. 

Take the first two ends of ribbon and tie in a knot to secure the loops to the carrot.

This will make your bow complete.

Cut ends of ribbon at a slant or in a dove tail for a finished look.

Place easter grass on opposite side of wreath. 

Secure with knotted ribbon.

Finish ribbon ends the same as you did with the carrots.

Hang wreath and enjoy!


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