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Christmas Present Topiaries

These present topiaries are super cute for the holidays. You could use them inside or outside but if your using them in an area that’s not covered, use plastic table cloths instead of wrapping paper!  What you need: 3 Boxes Stick or dow rod. Wrapping paper Tape or glue gun Ribbons Wrap your boxes in

Christmas Elf Legs DIY

These whimsical elf legs are so fun for Christmas! I’m thinking these would look cute beside a tree, near your mantle or on your front porch! What you need: 2×8 wood for elf boots 2×4 for top (holds legs together) PVC or dowel rods (size of your choice) I used 3/4 PVC Red Paint for

Christmas Embroidery Hoop DIY

What you need: Embroidery hoop Fabric of your choice Hot glue Glue gun Ribbon Any kind of embellishments Press out your fabric so its flat. Lay the inner hoop under your fabric and center it. Slide the top hoop on top of it to from the fabric. Tighten the top so it won’t slip out.

Christmas Sock Game

Every year Hillary and I host cousins Christmas at her house so all 4 of the cousins can get together to eat and play games. It used to just be the four of them but it has grown to 8! They all decided to wear ugly Christmas sweaters which made it all a little more

Christmas Tree Christmas Card Holder

I came across this project a few years ago when Hillary was in college….of course I saved it on one of my Pinterest boards with good intentions of making it for her college apartment, but as we all know, life happens and I never got around to it. Fast forward a few years later to

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