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Easter Decor

Moss Covered Eggs and Bunny DIY

We did a tutorial on the big bunny topiaries using bowls from the dollar tree but I know some were looking for a smaller version for their table or mantle! I found these smaller bunny forms at the Dollar Tree that make for an even easier diy for a small bunny topiary! Watch our video

DIY Spring Signs

What you need: Stencils (you can buy them separately or in a pack) Wood Planks Paint Foam Brush Step 1: Wipe your wood plank off with a paper towel. Take a credit card or gift card and rub your stencil on the grid side on a hard surface to prepare your stencil for the wood.

DIY Bunny Topiary

I love bunny decor for Spring and when I was scrolling through Pinterest I saw some of the cutest bunny topiaries that people were using to decorate for the season! A lot of topiaries are pretty expensive so I decided I should try to make one that was budget friendly! All of the products I

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