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Bunny Centerpiece DIY

What you need: Two bunny garlands Small clay pots Moss Floral Foam Wooden sticks Gorilla Glue Glue Gun Poly Fil Take 2 of each color and cut the tail off of one of each color. Lay them on top of each other and match them up, glue the ears and around the top of the

Fabric Bunny DIY

What you need: Fabric Poly Fill Pipe Cleaners Hot Glue Small Rubber Bands Scissors Wire Cutters Hot Glue Gun Hot Glue Finger Protectors Iron your fabric and press the right sides together. Decide how tall and wide you want your bunnies to be. Glue the seams all the way down both sides. Once dry, fold

Buffalo Plaid Bunny DIY

What you need: Wooden Bunny (Hobby Lobby)Modge PodgePaint BrushScrapbook Paper Step 1: Trace your bunny out on the back of your scrapbook paper and cut them out! Make sure you do it the right way for both sides! Step 2: Paint the edge of your bunny white or a color of your choice. Step 3:

Moss Covered Eggs and Bunny DIY

We did a tutorial on the big bunny topiaries using bowls from the dollar tree but I know some were looking for a smaller version for their table or mantle! I found these smaller bunny forms at the Dollar Tree that make for an even easier diy for a small bunny topiary! Watch our video

DIY Spring Signs

What you need: Stencils (you can buy them separately or in a pack) Wood Planks Paint Foam Brush Step 1: Wipe your wood plank off with a paper towel. Take a credit card or gift card and rub your stencil on the grid side on a hard surface to prepare your stencil for the wood.

Halfway Homemade Bunny Treats

We are always trying to find an easy halfway homemade snack that you can share with your friends! Little Debbie snack cakes never disappoint! We spotted these easter baskets and eggs and knew that we could come up with a simple DIY for some fun easter treats! Here are the steps! What you need: Little

DIY Bunny Topiary

I love bunny decor for Spring and when I was scrolling through Pinterest I saw some of the cutest bunny topiaries that people were using to decorate for the season! A lot of topiaries are pretty expensive so I decided I should try to make one that was budget friendly! All of the products I

Dollar Tree Bunny Makeovers

When I saw these bunnies at the dollar tree I thought they were kind of cute for easter but they needed to be taken up a notch. I started to play around with some yarn and I loved how they turned out! All you need for this project is: Dollar tree bunny form. I used

Egg Topiary Live Facebook Video

We have the blog post up of all the step by step instructions but here is the replay of our facebook live if you want to follow along!   Egg Topiary 🐰🐰Make one with me⬇⬇ Posted by C Whimsy on Friday, March 23, 2018

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