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Don’t Forget the Paper Products for Your Tailgate Party!

I get a lot of questions about party themes and this week with tailgates and touchdowns I have been using a lot of black and white mixed in with all of the football decor! I personally love black and white and I think of it as a neutral because it could easily go with any

Lena Maxey Game Day Looks

Game day is a great way to show off your style while your cheering in the stands…and at the tailgate! Lena Maxey has some great outfits that help you show your school spirit and keep you looking cute while doing it!   Lena Maxey is a boutique and salon located in Riverview, Florida! Make sure

DIY Football Turf Coasters

What you need: Turf carpet (I got mine from Lowes) White acrylic paint Paint brushes Scissors Chalk Ruler Step 1: Decide how big you want your coasters to be. I made mine 4 1/2X4 1/2. Step 2: Turn over to the back of turf and mark how wide (I made mine 4 1/2) you want

Game Day Graphic Tees

Graphic tees have become such a huge trend and they are especially popular during football season! Pairing a cute top with jeans or shorts is such a fun way to support your favorite team! It’s even better when these tee’s are made locally and you get to support a small business!  We rounded up some

DIY Tailgating Cups

What you need: Clear or team colored solo cups Football Themed Stickers We had our stickers made by Dawn with Preppy Pineapple Creations! She can personalize anything if you plan far enough ahead or any party or event! Step 1: Cut out stickers individually Step 2: Lay cup on its side Step 3: Start at the

Football Snack Bags

Things you need: Lunch Bags Scissors Paper Tape   Step 1:  Lay your bag flat  Step 2:  Cut off a piece of paper tape. I cut it about 5 or 6 inches long. Place in the middle of the bag towards the bottom Step 3: Cut two cross threads about 3 inches long  Then cut

Football Centerpiece

What you need: Scissors Knife Kitchen shears Football Optional: Flowers Skewers Ribbon Florist Tape  Step 1: Get a football! I purchased mine from Walmart in the sporting goods section! Just make sure it is the plastic kind and filled with air! Step 2: Take a knife and puncture through football on white line. Take kitchen

Goal Post DIY

Supply List PVC pipe any size (I used 1 inch) 2 PVC elbo joints 2 PVC  T’s Hand saw Yellow paint Decide the height you would like your goal post and cut PVC ( I did 3 feet) Decide the width  and height of the arms of your goal post ( I did 15 inches)

Football Yard Line Boards DIY

Supply List Scrap boards (any size) Green paint (I used Apple Barrel Shamrock) Paintbrush White paint pen Pencil Yard stick or straight edge Pick your boards Paint boards green (I paint both sides)…let dry completely Draw with pencil a straight line 1-2 inches from the bottom side of your board ( this depends on the

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