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Carrot Napkin Utensils

Supply List:  Green Plastic Utensils Orange Napkins Twine or Ribbon Clay Pot  Green Shred or Easter Grass Put utensils together and place on top corner of the napkin. The top part of the utensils should be showing outside of the napkin. Wrap your napkin around utensils. Tie the twine around your napkin.

Burlap Spring Wreath

Supply List: Burlap Wreath  Ribbon  Carrots Easter Grass  Twine Scissors Pipe Cleaners Tie bow and attach with a pipe cleaner to the bottom of your wreath.  Tie 3 carrots together in a small bundle with twine. Make the twine long enough to wrap around the wreath and tie in a knot.  Decide on your placement

Boxwood Spring Makeover Wreath

Supply List: Boxwood Wreath Ribbon  Scissors Carrots  Tie ribbon around top of wreath to create hanger. My ribbon was 36 inches long, you can adjust to your space.  Place carrots around wreath where you want them to go. Stick with odd numbers and place in different directions to create depth. Once your carrots are place,

Plastic Tablecloth Egg Wreath

Supply List:  Ribbon  Plastic Eggs Pipe Cleaners Scissors You can find our table cloth wreath tutorial here! Here are the steps for giving your wreath a makeover for a new holiday! Tie a bow from the ribbon of your choice!  Cut pipe cleaners in half.  Use pipe cleaners that match your tablecloth colors so they

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