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Valentine’s Day

Fortune Cookie DIY

I saw this fun project on the Hallmark Channel and thought it was so cute and would be a great way to give a gift card for valentines day! You could use the holiday Chinese takeout boxes at Walmart, fill them with paper shred and throw in a few fortune cookies with the gift card

Valentine Print DIY

This project is great for a little added decor that you need for Valentine’s day! It is an interchangeable project that you can change out for different holidays and it’s so easy to do! What you need: 8×8 Frames Scrapbook paper of your choice Decor of your choice. I used a wooden heart, a coffee

Valentine’s Snacks

It’s the time of year for Valentine parties whether it is at work, school or just a get together with friends. With all of the different food allergies taking something homemade isn’t always the best option. So here is a fun way to take something that is store bought and make it look special for

Valentine’s Rolo Treats

These are a staple around our house during Christmas so we decided to try them for Valentine’s Day! I picked up the Valentine’s colored M&Ms and the Conversation Hearts from Walmart to go on top of the Rolo’s and make them a little more festive! What you need: Pretzels Rolo’s M&M’s or Conversation Hearts Step

PomPom Heart Wreath

  Step 1:  Wrap one side with yarn to your desired thickness ( I like to wrap it heavy because I want the pom pom to be really full and thick). Step 2: Cross over and wrap the other side. Be sure to make both sides as even as possible. Step 3:  Cut yarn along

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